Exciting new partnership- LIVE FRESH with ClemenGold

04 Jun 2013 Comments 0


I’m a blue girl. Blue heart blue ocean blue dress blue dreams… Interspersed with a bit of green for plankton- rich manta dives or mountain runs. But this winter I will be embracing orange! The deep warm orange of an African sunset, the frightening allure of a fire coral just below… the orange of a ripe citrus fruit ready to be peeled and sweeter than golden honey… There’s life in orange!



Meeting the team behind the lush ClemenGold fruit came as a surprise and a gift. Like most things in my life, a gift from the ocean. One of the team did a freediving course with me in Durban years ago, and when the time was ripe, we reconnected and discussed LIVING FRESH! With freediving as my language I share the ocean and her stories to conserve our last wilderness; from awareness campaigns to courses for those who don’t have access to the sea, myself and the I AM WATER Trust are dedicated to Ocean Conservation Through Human Experience.


With a passion for healthy living, quality and nature’s bounty I immediately felt a kinship with the ClemenGolders. Through countless hours spent in the ocean, I have learnt the value of patience and the power of nature. The seasons will change, the tides will turn… we do our best to fit into the bigger picture but we are not in control. In the same way every ClemenGold is a gift, the perfect balance of rain, sunshine, soil and a crucial little bee sees the small fruit come to be, grow, swell and ripen.

I love this. I love to be part of something that is a gift from nature. Like every day, every breath, every wave and every ocean encounter. I am in the business of gratitude. I look forward to a warm ClemenGold winter!


Join our journey of being good to ourselves and the planet- on land and at sea.




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