10 May 2013 Comments 0

Graceful, free, swooping and soaring... trust, believe in yourself... just let go and enjoy the sensation of weightlessness... Sound familiar? Flying yoga is such a great combination of things I love! Flexibility, strength, creativity, challenge, body control, breathing and that sense of freedom!


I joined some friends for a really fun class with aerialist Kiki in the sunny ART YOGA studio run by friendly Rubi Rymenmy.




I even got to try a rather fast and dynamic flip... and it got filmed, click on READ MORE to watch it!

(It's not super graceful but it might make you smile... :)

18 May 2012 Comments 2

I love yoga, and recently I have fallen in love with mountainbiking... The thrill of swishing down a single track, dropping down drops (ok, so I don't have the lingo yet ;) and feeling tired muddy and utterly exhilirated afterwards, man I love it!

After a few weeks of cycling it became clear to me how important continued stretching would be to keep me flexible while practising this new sport. Every time I would do my yoga practice, I had to coax my hamstrings, glutes and quads into their normal flexibility. So I thought, if I need it, maybe there are others out there who also do...  so together with the Cycle Lab team we produced this DVD specifically for Cyclists.

Challenging and with a thorough complete body stretch, this DVD really aims at building flexibility in the muscles most used in cycling while strengthening the core and other muscle groups most needed to remain injury free.

The DVDs will soon be available in all Cycle Lab stores nationwide, as well as online at CycleLab.com

08 May 2012 Comments 0

Join me and the Cycle Lab Tours team for a unique 3 day adventure in the mountains around Wellington and Tulbagh. 22- 25 June 2012



Maritza Terblanche (e) maritza@cyclelab.com (t) 021 702 7888


01 Apr 2012 Comments 0

Some people are natural runners, they truly are born to run. You see them loping along the side of the road and over the hills, they seem to glide and pace like Legolas the elf. I’m not one of them. I was born to swim. As a little girl I used to spread my fingers and toes wide convincing myself that I had webbed extremities, like the frogs we used to catch in the farm dam, like an otter that ducks and plays and comes out sleek and smiling.



Image: Training in Sri Lanka while on Freediving expedition

Photographer: Jean-Marie Ghislain

15 Feb 2012 Comments 0

About two months have passed since I started mountain biking, I have become better at getting my feet out the cleats in times of need, and I think I have become stronger on the climbs (at least I don’t feel that mixture of nausea and lung burn halfway up the mountain anymore!). But more than anything- I have fallen in love with single tracks! Like many love stories, this one had a rocky (!) start. I had done one or two easy single track rides in slow motion getting tips on body positioning, eye line, picking a line etc. but not ridden many proper tracks. Two weeks ago, I did.