Yoga DVD for Cyclists

18 May 2012 Comments 2

I love yoga, and recently I have fallen in love with mountainbiking... The thrill of swishing down a single track, dropping down drops (ok, so I don't have the lingo yet ;) and feeling tired muddy and utterly exhilirated afterwards, man I love it!

After a few weeks of cycling it became clear to me how important continued stretching would be to keep me flexible while practising this new sport. Every time I would do my yoga practice, I had to coax my hamstrings, glutes and quads into their normal flexibility. So I thought, if I need it, maybe there are others out there who also do...  so together with the Cycle Lab team we produced this DVD specifically for Cyclists.

Challenging and with a thorough complete body stretch, this DVD really aims at building flexibility in the muscles most used in cycling while strengthening the core and other muscle groups most needed to remain injury free.

The DVDs will soon be available in all Cycle Lab stores nationwide, as well as online at

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  • Pippa Hudson

    I would like to Purchase a yoga dvd please.

    August 29, 2012 at 20:27pm - Comment
  • Shane

    Please advise through your website when dvd is available

    January 12, 2013 at 15:32pm - Comment