Ocean Lovers

16 Jan 2012 Comments 0

Have you ever been in love? That kind of heart clenching, breath shortening, butterfly inducing kind of love where time either flies or stands still... where you feel constantly hungry, hungry for more or completely without appetite, consumed by your love?


Yes? Me too.


And it doesn´t go away. And it never leaves me alone and I never want it to and I pray it never does. I have lived this ocean love affair for many years now, taking every chance I can to be in on or under the water. Here there or far away, salty and even sometimes briney I seek this love. Last week was special. More special than many of my ocean days. You see, love, as we all know, is better shared. Only becomes when shared. Being infinite and being eternal and even dynamic for lack of a better word, it grows in the giving, it flourishes in the sharing and when it comes to ocean love, one plus three is five hundred. I had five hundred last week. We met at Millers point for a double dive with the glorious Sevengill Sharks and the playful Cape Fur Seals, one of my favourite dive sites my friend Steve and I visit often. I know the kelp forests here, the sandy patch where I can see the sharks outlined against the white, the gullies and the urchin encrusted rocks. This is my garden.


And then there were four. With me, I had three of my best friends and favourite water people, and this is what made this week and these dives unforgettable. Annelie is Swedish and blonde, exactly my size in wetsuit, fins, lungs and laughter, we have lived, traveled and freedived together, and now she is here, at last! Olivia is from KZN, my partner in conservation, a heart as big as her Indian Ocean, happiest in the water. Jean Marie is Belgian, making magic underwater with his images we work together to tell the stories of marine creature encounters. They are as in love as I am. We are ocean lovers sharing water, and my heart is ready to burst.

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