Oceans Unite

17 Mar 2014 Comments 0

It's really quite simple. Our planet is blue. All over the green and brown bits we draw lines, we claim nations we speak languages that differ wildly from land mass to land mass. We misunderstand, we hurt each other and we redraw the lines. Mine! Yours. Back off! We stakeclaims and we feel threatened. The heaving, churning flowing mass of blue is unkept, untamed and unlined. You cannot own an ocean. Where borders divide us, oceans unite us.


I swim in Mozambique... yes, it's another country, but the ocean is transfrontier. I meet with pods of dolphins... who carry no passports, have no allegiance and look pretty damn happy for it.


I am a blue water uniter, I am a believer in what brings us together- of what unites us and makes us similar. Water. Oceans. The wombs we are born from. The worlds beyond language where we can be silent and agree. I am an oceaner.



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