I Am Water Trust

Hanli is the founder of the I am Water Trust that fosters Ocean Conservation through Human Experience.

´It is the belief of the I Am Water Charitable Trust that the preservation of our oceans and the precious knowledge regarding their diversity and the sharing of this across the cultural divide is absolutely vital if South Africa is to prosper as a winning nation. Particular attention will be given to the previously disadvantaged individuals of our nation and others who do not have access to the beauty and understanding of our oceans.


The Trust was established by Hanli Prinsloo because of the deep spiritual affect the ocean has had on her personally and her desire to share this experience with others. The trust allows Hanli the opportunity to affect the objectives and goals that she has and was unable to fulfill in her personal capacity. Over and above this to ensure the longevity of the conservation organization, in particular with regard to the ocean wilderness around the southern tip of the continent of Africa, mainly due to the significant spiritual and practical meaning within people’s lives after experiencing association with these ocean wildernesses. Together as a charitable trust, the primary aim is to ensure that all individuals of South Africa have equal access to this wonderful ocean wilderness. The establishment of this trust has resulted in a number of projects all aimed at the advancements of the objectives and compliance with the Trust deed.´


To find out more about the I AM WATER TRUST, visit the website: www.iamwater.co.za


(I Am Water takes the Isiqalo Waves for Change Graduates Freediving- We Protect What We Love!)