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06 Jun 2012 Comments 0

I recently had the great joy of meeting writer and ocean lover Niki Stilwell. After many conversations and much sharing, Niki has written a thought provoking article for the lates Mail and Guardian South Africa. I'm sure you will like it!


"Hanli Prinsloo has invited me for a swim with the seals of Duiker Island, just outside Hout Bay. April is apparently a good month for cute seal pups.

A hot berg wind is blowing and Prinsloo soaps up to ease herself into a snug wet suit.

She is smaller than I expected and, at first glance, does not resemble an extreme athlete who can hold her breath for up to six minutes in a swimming pool, or reach depths of 64m without supplementary air.

“I like to use jasmine body wash,” she says, as suds course down her arms. “When I smell jasmine I feel happy, because I know I am going to dive.”



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