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Kate and I are so excited to share our two greatest loves, freediving and yoga, with you! This is our first retreat together and we know it is going to be a very special 5 days.




About the Freediving:


Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you are welcome! For beginners I will be offering an intro course as part of the package, and for advanced freedivers there will be possibilities for further depth training.
Every day at sea will start with some time spent training and preparing some dives along a rope before heading into the big blue to find our oceanic friends!


We will be diving with the wonderful team from Somente Aqua Dolphin Swims.

The Dolphin Centre aims to deliver the best possible experience when swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment. Their dolphin swim programme combines a comprehensive dolphin behavioural introduction and regulated Swim Code of Conduct, created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach. You can rest assured that the best interests of both marine life and you are being catered for during your excursion.

(Diving equipment supplied.)




Accommodation and Food:

We will be renting a beautiful private home in a reserve just outside Ponta D'Oura, on the beach. The rooms are spacious and comfortable for sharing with lots of communal areas for relaxing. The fantastic deck with a sea view will serve as our yoga studio where Kate will inspire and lead.



We are bringing a fantastic wholefood chef with us to Mozambique who will be preparing healthy food conducive to yoga and freediving. From morning superfood smoothies to fresh salads and hearty dinners. You will be well nourished without feeling sluggish in the water or on the mat!



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