16 Jul 2012 Comments 0
An unspoilt island of diversity, sandy white beaches, tropical forests and palm trees, baobab specked arid areas and crystal blue oceans, Madagascar lies just off the African east coast- wild yet inviting. When traveling via the capital Antananarivo to the south where we’re headed, it becomes apparent that this is not your average destination. There are no direct flights… anywhere it seems, the airports are small and old but the friendliness of the locals makes up for all this immediately. We arrive tired and dusty at our hotel in south eastern Fort Dauphin, a town named after the French royal ‘dauphin’ or heir to the throne, one of many throwbacks to the time of the French colonialists. Croissants at breakfast, casual bonjours and good coffee are further remnants of this time. And here it ends. Madagascar is it’s very own.